Effective with our first meeting of the fiscal year (July 1, 2023), we will meet on the Third Tuesday of the Month. The main location will be in St Mark’s Parish Hall at 1013 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC. We will rotate between other council locations through the year. Check back here for updates.

Date Time Event Location
9/19/2023 6:15-7pm Board Meeting St. Mark Parish Hall
7-8pm Assembly Meeting
10/17/2023 6:15-7pm Board Meeting St. Stanislaus Castle Hayne
7-8pm Assembly Meeting
11/4/2023 St. Stanislaus Polish Festival St. Stanislaus Castle Hayne
11/11/2023 Veterans Day Parade Wilmington
11/11/2023 11-12pm Veterans Day Wilmington National Cemetery
11/21/2023 6:15-7pm Board Meeting TBA
7-8pm Assembly Meeting
12/16/2023 Wreaths Across America Wilmington National Cemetery
12/18/2023 6:15-7pm Board Meeting TBA
7-80pm Assembly Meeting