Assembly 2017 History

Assembly 2017 was formed out of Sen. Albert Ellis Assembly in Jacksonville, NC on March 16, 1985. The assembly started with slightly more than the minimum number of members needed to start an assembly, but quickly grew. When it started it covered Council 1074 in Wilmington and Council 9039 in Southport. It no longer covers Council 9039 but now covers additional councils in Wilmington (12017), Wrightsville Beach (12285), Castle Hayne (11817), Hampstead (12281) and Wallace (12921). The assembly was named after the first pastor of St. Mary Church in Wilmington: Msgr. Christopher Dennen.

The Charter Officers of Msgr. Christopher Dennen Assembly were:

Office Holder
Faithful Navigator SK William E. Stenger
Faithful Friar SK Bishop George Lynch
Faithful Admiral SK Frank Armbruster
Faithful Captain SK Paul Coleman
Faithful Pilot SK Roger "Red" Fuller
Faithful Comptroller SK James R. Todd
Faithful Purser SK Albert Bonitz
Faithful Scribe SK Robert Jenski
Faithful Inner Sentinel SK Thorton Johnson
Faithful Outer Sentinel SK Samuel Bowens
Faithful Trustee (1) SK Frank Keenan
Faithful Trustee (2) SK Walter Galowski
Faithful Trustee (3) SK Burdell Harvey