Meeting Minutes for January 16, 2024

Opening Ceremony

  • Faithful Navigator Frank Bio opened the meeting at 7:00pm in the Council 1074 Chambers at the Basilica of Saint Mary, 412 Ann Street, Wilmington, NC. There were 23 Sir Knights with ID cards and rosaries in attendance.

Call of Officers

Office Holder P/E/A
Faithful Navigator SK Frank Bio Present
Faithful Friar Rev SK Greg Spencer Excused
Captain SK Larry Greer Present
Pilot SK Greg Peters Present
Comptroller SK Greg Decker Present
Admiral SK Frank Weisgerber Present
Purser SK Bobby Phillips Excused
Scribe SK Tom Sullivan Present
Corps Commander SK Bob Gorman Present
Inner Sentinel SK Joe Damitz Present
Outer Sentinel SK George Schadt Present
1st Year Trustee SK Dennis Kelleher Present
2nd Year Trustee SK George Plarre Excused
3rd Year Trustee SK Caleb Strittmatter Excused

Opening Prayer

  • Meeting’s opening prayer was led by the acting Faithful Friar, Deacon George Keenan.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Opening Ode

  • The Opening Ode, America the Beautiful, was sung.

Call for the Approval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting

  • A call was made for changes or amendments to the November 2023 meeting minutes. No changes or amendments were offered and a motion was made to accept the minutes as recorded on the Assembly website; the motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Report of the Faithful Friar

  • No report.

Report of the Faithful Comptroller - SK Greg Decker

  • The Faithful Comptroller provided the following report:
    1. The Assembly has 158 members. Bills for dues were sent totaling $3,742.00 of which $2,800.00 have been paid. Interestingly, of the 96 Sir Knights (76% of the Assembly) that have paid thus far, roughly 50% chose the online option.
    2. Some new items in the News section of the website highlighting our recent activities.
  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Comptroller.

Report of the Faithful Purser - SK Bob Philips

  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Purser.

Report of Committees

Membership Report/ Reading of Applications/ Balloting

  • No new applicants but one transfer in process.
  • The next 4th Degree Exemplification is scheduled for January 20 at St. Paul's in New Bern, NC. We have no candidates.

RSVP Report

  • No report.

Color Guard Report

  • No report.

Patriotic Reports

Veterans Support - SK Tim Ludgate

  • Thanks for supporting the Wreaths Across America effort. The Assembly took advantage of a special offer to buy ahead for next year’s effort getting 4 wreaths for the price of 2. The Assembly would like to particularly recognize SK Michael Apicella for his exceptional wreath purchase under the special WAA program.
  • Thanks for supporting the Burgaw Christmas Parade.
  • Planning another meal at the Ashley House Veterans Home in February. Likely to be a chili, soup, and casserole dinner.
  • The Veterans Support Raffle generated $2,300 and cost around $900 to put on leaving assembly with roughly $1,400 to apply to our various programs.

Scholarship for Future Saints - SK Caleb Strittmatter

  • No report.

Honor Guard - SK Bob Gorman

  • Thanks for supporting the Burgaw Christmas Parade, the Confirmation at St. Francis aboard Camp LeJeune, and the Parish Center dedication at the Raleigh Cathedral.
  • Sir Knights will next support the St. Joseph Icon service on February 6 at St. Mark.
  • SK Gorman will be offering training prior to February’s Assembly business meeting starting at 6:00pm. Bring your sword, scabbard and service baldric but otherwise leave your regalia at home.

Fraternal Social Report - SK Frank Weisgerber

  • SK Weisgerber reported that the tour of Thalian Hall was enjoyed by the 9 attendees.
  • The Assembly thanked SK Weisgerber for a wonderful Christmas Party on December 13.
  • Beginning to plan a dinner with wives to be held at the Wilmington Brewery in May or June.

Trustees Report

  • No report.

Unfinished/Old Business

  • The Faithful Navigator asked for any suggestions or additions to the Planning Document as well as nominations for guest speakers at future Assembly meetings.

New Business

  • The March for Life is scheduled for February 17 from 10am to 12:30pm at Long Leaf Park in Wilmington. Lt Gov Robinson is scheduled to be one of the guest speakers.
  • An effort to participate in Valentines for Jesus again this year. This provides a Valentine to the widows of deceased Knights. Please contact SK Kenny Levy (, 910-398-0818) or Joe Damitz (, 910-409-2640) if you know a widow of knight that can use a Pick Me Up Valentine Surprise.
  • The February meeting will again be held at St. Mary’s.

Report of Third Degree Councils

  • 1074 Wilmington

    • The annual Family Bowling outing is scheduled for February 11 from 1-3pm at the Beach Bowl in Ogden. All are welcome.
    • Will conduct an Exemplification following the 10:30 Mass on Sunday, January 21, at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church.
  • 11817 St. Stanislaus

    • Father William Lesak will lead a Day of Reflection from 10:00 to 3:30pm on Saturday, January 27 in the Parish Hall and help recruit new members at the 27th and 28th Masses.
    • Will conduct a blood drive on February 3 from 10:00 to 3:00.
    • Conducting a Chili Cookoff on Saturday, January 21 at 6pm. $10 admission.
  • 12017 St. Mark

    • Collected 47 units of blood at the recent drive in December.
    • Conducted the free throw competition on Sunday, January 14.
    • Will celebrate the St. Joseph Pilgrim Icon on Tuesday, February 6 following Mass at 6:30pm.
    • Will be supporting the Polar Plunge fundraiser at Kure Beach on February 17 at 3pm.
  • 12885 St. Therese

    • Received their Star Award at their Christmas Party on December 12.

Brothers in Need

  • Prayers requested for:
    • SK Yott who is doing much better but has recurring issues to due to kidney disease,
    • SK Tom Rice who is in home hospice,
    • SK Backes recovering from hip surgery, and
    • SK Roberts who is currently in the hospital.

Good of the Order

  • The Worthy Faithful Captain provided the wisdom of Bishop Fulton Sheen: “The refusal to take sides on great moral issues is itself a decision. It is an acquiescence to evil. The tragedy of our time is that those who still believe in honesty lack fire and conviction, while those who believe in dishonesty are full of passionate conviction.”

Closing Prayer

  • Conducted by Deacon George Keenan.


  • Next gathering will be at 7pm on Tuesday, February 20, at St. Mary’s.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.

Minutes submitted by SK Tom Sullivan, Faithful Scribe.