Meeting Minutes for July 18, 2023

Opening Ceremony

  • Faithful Navigator Frank Bio opened the meeting at 7:00pm in the Saint Mark Parish Hall, 1013 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC. There were 16 Sir Knights with ID cards and rosaries in attendance.

Call of Officers

Office Holder P/E/A
Faithful Navigator SK Frank Bio Present
Faithful Friar Rev SK Greg Spencer Excused
Captain SK Larry Greer Present
Pilot SK Greg Peters Present
Comptroller SK Greg Decker Excused
Admiral SK Frank Weisgerber Present
Purser SK Bobby Phillips Present
Scribe SK Tom Sullivan Present
Corps Commander SK Bob Gorman Present
Inner Sentinel SK Joe Damitz Excused
Outer Sentinel SK George Schadt Excused
1st Year Trustee SK Dennis Kelleher Excused
2nd Year Trustee SK George Plarre Excused
3rd Year Trustee SK Caleb Strittmatter Excused

Opening Prayer

  • Meeting’s opening prayer was led by the Faithful Navigator, Frank Bio.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Opening Ode

  • The Opening Ode, first verse of America the Beautiful, was sung.

Call for the Approval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting

  • A call was made for changes or amendments to the June 2023 meeting minutes. No changes or amendments were offered and a motion was made to accept the minutes as recorded on the Assembly website; the motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Report of the Faithful Friar

  • No report.

Report of the Faithful Comptroller

  • Although excused from the meeting, the Faithful Comptroller provided the following report:
    1. No bills nor communications. 
    2. Draft Budget available for review to be voted on at the August meeting.
    3. Audit needs to be completed by July 31.  Requires Trustees, Navigator, Purser & Comptroller.
    4. Budget – The reason for raising the dues $5 is that we have a lot we’d like to accomplish, at least as much as in the past, but we took a major hit to our income with the loss of members and the spin-off of the new assembly. 
    5. In June the assembly gave the new assembly, Fr. Thomas F. Price Assembly 3952, $500 to purchase jewels, etc.
    6. Website:
      • The By-Laws have been added to the website under General Information.
      • Under the Resources/Veterans tab we try to keep the veterans among us up-to-date with VA and military related content. 
  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Comptroller.

Report of the Faithful Purser

  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Purser.

Report of Committees

Membership Report/ Reading of Applications/ Balloting

  • No applications for membership.  No candidates for the August exemplification in Asheville.

RSVP Report

  • No report.

Color Guard Report

  • No report.

Patriotic Reports

Veterans Support

  • The next event at the Ashley House is from 3-6pm on September 10, 2023. The meal will be Italian themed and Knights are asked to volunteer their support to this event. Additionally, a list of items requested for donation will be distributed via email this week.

Scholarship for Future Saints

Fraternal Social Report

  • SK Weisgerber was pleased with last year’s winery tour and Wilson Center musical events. He is still looking for ideas for this year’s events.

Trustees Report

  • No report.

Unfinished/Old Business

  • None.

New Business

  • The Faithful Navigator drew everyone’s attention to the Assembly planning document posted on our website and remains open for suggestions.
  • A reminder that SK Greg Decker welcomes help on maintaining the website.
  • FN Frank Bio wants to begin rotating the location of the Assembly business meetings. He would also like to begin inviting guest speakers to the Assembly meetings such as the Wrightsville Beach lifeguards and a RSVP candidate to speak for about 15 minutes on topics of interest.
  • On 26 July, the Assembly’s Officers will be installed at Sacred Heart in Southport. Meet at St. Mark at 5pm to share rides.
  • SK Steve Hargett received an award for his many years of hard work for the Assembly. He remains willing and able to help the new Corps Commander if needed.

Report of Third Degree Councils

  • 1074 Wilmington - no report.

  • 11817 St. Stanislaus - New Officers were installed and the Council enjoyed a social. Planning continues for the annual Polish Festival in November.

  • 12017 St. Mark - New Officers were installed and had a social with wives. Conducted an annual planning meeting where, among the programs, they intend to continue to collect Coats For Kids and Blankets for the Homeless.

  • 12281 All Saints - no report. Now affiliated with the new assembly Fr. Thomas F. Price Assembly 3952 in Hampstead.

  • 12885 St. Therese - Installed new Officers on 11 July, coordinated with South Beach Grill for their annual Christmas Party, and are working on a story for the Columbia Magazine.

  • 12921 Transfiguration - no report. Now affiliated with the new assembly Fr. Thomas F. Price Assembly 3952 in Hampstead.

Brothers in Need

  • Prayers requested for Deacon James Welch who passed away on June 19.
  • For SK George Schadt’s sister-in-law who passed recently.

Good of the Order

  • SK Larry Greer reviewed an article from the May issue of Columbia Magazine by the Supreme Knight who described the Knights of Columbus as the “Strong Right Arm of the Church.” We should all reach out to our Pastors to see how we can help spread our faith.

Closing Prayer

  • Conducted by FN Frank Bio.


  • Next meeting will be at 7pm on Tuesday, August 15, 2023 at St. Mark Parish Hall.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:41pm.

Minutes submitted by SK Tom Sullivan, Faithful Scribe.