Meeting Minutes for May 17, 2023

Opening Ceremony

  • Acting Faithful Navigator Frank Bio opened the meeting at 7 pm in the Saint Mark Parish Hall, 1011 Eastwood Rd, Wilmington, NC. There were 19 Sir Knights with ID cards and rosaries in attendance.

Roll Call of Officers

Office Holder P/E/A
Faithful Navigator Caleb Strittmatter Excused
Faithful Friar Father Greg Spencer Excused
Captain Frank Bio Present
Pilot Larry Greer Present
Comptroller Greg Decker Present
Admiral Frank Weisgerber Present
Purser Bobby Philips Present
Scribe Mike Krawczyk Absent
Inner Sentinel Joe Damitz Absent
Outer Sentinel Gary Wool Present
1st Year Trustee Charlie Backes Absent
2nd Year Trustee Dennis Kelleher Present
3rd Year Trustee George Plarre Absent

Opening Prayer

  • Meeting’s opening prayer was led by the Deacon Keenan.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Opening Ode

  • The opening Ode, America the Beautiful, was sung.

Call for the approval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting

  • A call was made for changes or amendments to the April 2023 meeting minutes. No changes or amendments were offered and a motion was made to accept the minutes as recorded on the assembly website; the motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Report of the Faithful Friar (Fr. Spencer)

  • No report.

Report of Faithful Comptroller (SK Decker)

  • Supreme’s statement for April shows total membership of 186; This includes two suspensions, two deaths (Militscher & Cahill), and one automatic withdrawal.
  • Badges ordered following last month's meeting have arrived and distributed to those attending. Reminders will be sent for the remaining badges. Another order will probably be in six months.
  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Comptroller.

Report of the Faithful Purser (SK Philips)

  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Purser.

Report of Committees

Membership Report / Reading of Applications / Balloting (SK Decker)

  • No new applications for membership; however two new members are in attendance: Frank Malone (PGK, PFN) transferred into the assembly recently; and Allan Rule of St. Stanislaus council who just became a Sir Knight.

RSVP Report (SK Decker)

  • No report.

Color Guard Report (SK Hargett (not in attendance))

  • Trustee Kelleher thanked the sir knights that provided an honor guard for Bishop Zarama at the recent Confirmation at St. Stanislaus.
  • Acting FN Bio also reminded us of the need for sir knights to form an honor guard for Bishop Zarama as the Confirmation on May 20 at St. Mark.

Patriotic Reports

Veterans Support - (SK Ludgate)

  • SK Ludgate provided an update on the Assembly’s support to the Ashley House veterans.
  • On June 4, the Assembly will cook dinner / BBQ for the Ashley House residents at 3PM.
    The Ashley house is located at 2002 Colwell Ave, Wilmington 28403. More volunteers are needed to make this event a success. A signup sheet was sent around to elicit volunteers. You and your spouse are welcome even if you did not sign-up; we can always use your assistance – Start time is 3:00pm and it is expected to last till approximately 7:00pm. Contact SK Murphy or SK Ludgate so we can accommodate you (and spouse).
  • The Honor Flight on April 29 with 75 Veterans and guides (SK Ludgate included) went to Washington, DC. Many sir knights were at the return welcoming. A great trip! Information on future Honor flights can be found at Honor Flights of the Cape Fear Area, NC. Photos can be viewed under the News tab of our website. Scroll down to April 29th.
  • SK Decker explained the annual Passing of the Colors ceremonies held at Wilmington's two Catholic grade schools and asked for participation. A signup sheet was passed for volunteers at the two events:
    • May 23 at St. Mark Catholic School
    • May 31 at St. Mary Catholic School
  • The Assembly customarily participates in the Memorial Day remembrance at the National Cemetery where we place a memorial wreath. The ceremony begins at 11am and lasts about an hour. Sir Knights in full regalia or tux/social baldric are encouraged to attend. Contact SK Decker.

In God We Trust - Deanery Support - (SK Strittmatter)

Chalice Program

  • No report.

Scholarship for Future Saints

  • SKs donating to the Scholarship for Future Saints Program participate in a monthly raffle. Winners of $50 prize for May and June were SKs George Schadt and David Lunger.

Fraternal Social Report (SK Weisgerber)

  • SK Weisberger reported that St. Therese will host the 21 June Assembly meeting with a sit down hot food social and final meeting of this Fraternal term, starting at 6PM. Spouses or significant others are invited to attend. More information closer to the meeting date.

Trustees Report

  • No report.

Unfinished Business

  • None.

New Business

  • Acting FN Bio reiterated the need to fill the Scribe and Pilot positions for the upcoming Fraternal Year.
  • Conducting the final nominations and election of officers was overseen by Trustee Kelleher. No candidates came forth for Scribe and Pilot and no nominations were forthcoming from the floor. The slate of officers were unanimously elected.
  • Note: There was some discussion about sharing the Scribe position and SK Frank Malone said he would be a backup Scribe. SK Greg Peters asked to assume the Pilot position. Both positions will need to be voted at our next meeting.
  • The assembly's website continues to adapt to changing requirements: the latest was a concern that we were being asked to forward information about the VA yet not all of our membership are veterans nor care about these mailings. A (temporary) solution was to add a section under the Resources for Veterans which would contain such veterans-oriented mailings requested by the District Master. Men interested are encourage to check this section monthly. It was suggested that a short overview of the website be give at the next meeting.
  • In honor of PFN Frank Militscher, who died in the past month, a donation is being made to help with final expenses.

Report of Third Degree Councils

1074 Wilmington (ICC/BSSM)

  • No report.

11817 St. Stanislaus

  • Allan Rule, in attendance tonight, is one of the three new sir knights.
  • On May 6, four men were exemplified to the 3rd degree.
  • The council is exploring the State's promotion of the COR program, possibly in conjunction with St. Mark's council.

12017 St. Mark

  • A membership drive was recently held which identified twelve candidates; an exemplification is planned for June 6.
  • Silver Rose made a stop at 12017 which gave us the opportunity to have three separate ceremonies: Christ the King in Rigelwood on Saturday (Spanish), St. Mark on Sunday (Spanish), and St. Mark on Monday (English) with an Honor Guard from the Assembly.

12281 All Saints

  • No report.

12885 St. Therese

  • On June 10, St Therese will be holding their annual Shrimp-a-Roo. Come and enjoy the fun after the 5 pm Mass.

12921 Transfiguration

  • No report.

Brothers in Need

  • Prayers were requested and offered for Inna Gretsuko and family who are in Ukraine.

Good of the Order

  • Acting Faithful Captain Joe Hellmann was unable to offer the selection from The Wisdom of Fulton Sheen to meditate and reflect upon.
    However, the selection reads, "The only difference between a sinner and a saint is found in their attitude toward their sins -- the one persisting in them; the others weep bitterly."

Closing Prayer

  • Led by Deacon Keenan.


  • Next meeting will be a catered social (Members and Spouses/Guests invited) at St. Therese, June 21 starting at 6:00 pm.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm.

Minutes submitted by acting Scribe Frank Manole.