Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2024

Opening Ceremony

  • Faithful Navigator Frank Bio opened the meeting at 7:00pm in the Saint Mark’s Parish Hall, 1011 Eastwood Rd., Wilmington, NC. There were 17 Sir Knights with ID cards and rosaries in attendance.

Call of Officers

Office Holder P/E/A
Faithful Navigator SK Frank Bio Present
Faithful Friar Rev SK Greg Spencer Excused
Captain SK Larry Greer Excused
Pilot SK Greg Peters Present
Comptroller SK Greg Decker Present
Admiral SK Frank Weisgerber Present
Purser SK Bobby Phillips Excused
Scribe SK Tom Sullivan Present
Corps Commander SK Bob Gorman Excused
Inner Sentinel SK Joe Damitz Present
Outer Sentinel SK George Schadt Present
1st Year Trustee SK Dennis Kelleher Present
2nd Year Trustee SK George Plarre Excused
3rd Year Trustee SK Caleb Strittmatter Excused

Opening Prayer

  • Meeting’s opening prayer was led by the acting Faithful Friar, Deacon George Keenan.

Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

Opening Ode

  • The Opening Ode, America the Beautiful, was sung.

Call for the Approval of the Minutes of the Prior Meeting

  • A call was made for changes or amendments to the April 2024 meeting minutes. There were no changes or amendments and the motion was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

Report of the Faithful Friar

  • Deacon George Keenan reminded us all that God sent His advocate in the Holy Spirit, so work to keep Him close through prayer.

Report of the Faithful Comptroller - SK Greg Decker

  • The Faithful Comptroller reported that our membership is at 157 members. This is a decline of two members: one withdrawal and one transfer out.
  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Comptroller.

Report of the Faithful Purser - SK Bob Philips

  • No report.
  • The financials reported can be requested by contacting the Faithful Purser.

Report of Committees

Membership Report/ Reading of Applications/ Balloting

  • No new applicants, and the location of the next exemplification has not been announced.

RSVP Report

  • No report.

Color Guard Report

  • No report.

Patriotic Reports

Veterans Support - SK Tim Ludgate and SK Sean Murphy

  • Five Knights were present on April 20 to welcome veterans returning to ILM on the Honor Flight from Washington, DC.
  • The Assembly discussed the possibility of providing gift cards to veterans at the Ashley House to cover minor expenses as they transition to permanent housing.

Scholarship for Future Saints - SK Dennis Kelleher reported on behalf of SK Caleb Strittmatter

  • Judging of applications and essays will occur on June 9 at 12:45pm. SK Grant Garner won this month’s $50 drawing.

Honor Guard - SK Greg Decker reported on behalf of SK Bob Gorman

  • Passing of the Colors was conducted at St. Mark on May 21 and will occur at St. Mary on May 30 at 8:30am.
  • The Memorial Day ceremony at the Wilmington National Cemetery begins at 11:00am on Monday, May 27. The assembly will place a memorial wreath as part of the ceremony. Please join in wearing full regalia, tuxedo, or polo shirt with slacks.
  • Awaiting word on whether an Honor Guard will be requested when Bishop Zarama visits Christ the King in Riegelwood on June 6.

Fraternal Social Report - SK Frank Weisgerber

  • Planning attendance at a Sharks baseball game in June.

Trustees Report

  • No report.

Unfinished/Old Business

  • The Assembly voted unanimously for the following slate of Officers for the 2024-2025 Fraternal Year:
Office Holder
Faithful Navigator SK Frank Bio
Faithful Friar (appointed) Rev SK Greg Spencer
Captain SK Larry Greer
Pilot SK Colin Simpson
Comptroller SK Greg Decker
Admiral SK Frank Weisgerber
Purser SK Tom Sullivan
Scribe TBD
Corps Commander (appointed) SK Bob Gorman
Inner Sentinel SK Joe Damitz
Outer Sentinel SK George Schadt
1st Year Trustee SK George Plarre
2nd Year Trustee SK Caleb Strittmatter
3rd Year Trustee SK Michael Breit

New Business

  • The June meeting will be held on June 18 at St. Therese in Wrightsville Beach beginning at 6:30pm vice 7pm. The installation of the new Officers will occur at this meeting where we will be joined by Assembly 3952 from Hampstead.

Report of Third Degree Councils

  • 1074 Wilmington

    • Conducted a recruitment weekend
    • Supported the Special Olympics
    • Supported Habitat for Humanity, and
    • Conducted an Exemplification welcoming three new Knights.
  • 11817 St. Stanislaus

    • Presented their first ever Pastoral Appreciation Award to their Pastor
    • Will continue COR through the Summer
    • Provided gifts to those completing their 1st Communion and Confirmation
    • Provided flowers to mothers on Mother’s Day
    • Will have an Exemplification on June 9, and
    • Will participate in the Bocce Tournament on June 15.
  • 12017 St. Mark

    • The COR program will suspend for the summer months
    • The council will support the Eucharistic Procession on June 1 and 2
    • There will be a Knights Mass on June 9, and
    • At the Knights Breakfast in June 16, dads will eat free.
  • 12885 St. Therese

    • The annual Shrimparoo Dinner will occur on June 15 after the 5pm Mass. Tickets cost $25.

Brothers in Need

  • Prayers requested for SK Tom Rice, SK Greg Decker’s son Christian Decker, Bishop Bevard, and SK MacAttire’s wife.

Good of the Order

  • No report.

Closing Prayer

  • Conducted by Deacon George Keenan.


  • Next gathering will be at 6:30pm on Tuesday, June 18 at St. Therese in Wrightsville Beach.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.

Minutes submitted by SK Tom Sullivan, Faithful Scribe.