Sword Stewardship

As we switch over from the old regalia of capes and chapeaus to the new uniform-like regalia, many sir knights that have the old have chosen, for many reasons, not to purchase the new. However, there is one article of the old that is still applicable to the new - the sword. While you may not be able to use it, our sir knights that have purchased the new regalia surely can. The assembly instituted a program to re-arm those sir knight with your donated swords. We intend to keep a history of each donated sword so that the path of ownership remains.

The assembly has received three such swords. Should you wish to donate a sword, contact the Comptroller. In this context "sword" relates to the sword itself, scabbard, and, optionally, the service baldric.

The first sword was donated by Jim Bilisoly. This sword was given to Jim quite a few years ago and the donor's name eludes him. The current holder of the sword is ###.

The second sword was donated by Bertha Militscher following PFN Frank's death. It was loaned to Frank by PFN Bob Jenski under the stipulation it would be returned when no longer in use. Being a beautiful, etched sword, it replaces the sword at the Admiral's table.

The sword replaced at the Admiral's table is now held by ###.

The third sword was donated by Lee Wagner. It's current holder is ###.