We're Live!

4d-2022-2023-officers%20%281%29 Welcome to the brand new website for the Msgr. Christopher Dennen Assembly 2017 in Wilmington, North Carolina. We represent the six councils of the greater Wilmington area and their respective parishes.

The 2022-2023 Fraternal Year is on track to be one of our most interesting years as we come out of Covid and rejoin society. Foremost will be our commitment to regain the past stature as The Strong Right Arm of the Church through aiding our membership in adoption of the new regalia.

Our goal it to have fun as well. We've just been to see the Broadway show Annie, and will have a plateful of other events that we can do as brothers in arms.

Please take time to explore the website. It is a work-in-progress. Your comments and inputs will make it better. There's a menu item, Contact Us, to help you along, and be sure to check the News tab for the latest happenings.